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    公司全稱: 蘇州華德電子有限公司



    Walter Electronic Co Ltd has been producing miniature glass-tube fuses, ceramic tube fuses, micro fuses and Subminiature Fuses for over 41 years. Our factories are located in Dongguan China and Suzhou China, with combined monthly capacity of over  105Mpcs.

    We plan to add numerous sets of automated machines and inspection devices to increase production capacity and the quality of our product. We anticipate capacity to exceed 120Mpcs per month in 2011.
    Not only do our self-produced automated machines help reduce production costs, they also shorten lead-times and help deliver superior-quality products.

    We have advantage over our competitors by capability to provide high quality products with shorten lead-times, sizable production capacity, competitive pricing, and after sell service with outstanding technical support.

    It is our vision that companies from around the globe will regard Walter as a primary source for circuit protection products and related accessories.

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